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About the ISRT

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The ISRT was established back in 2000 for researchers that want to work with a team of independent research people that are honest and hard working in the field. We are based in central FL and have researchers through out the US. The team reaches  throughout the US and Canada, but not limited to these areas. We have many experienced field research individuals that have many years of field investigation experience.

"Our common goal and responsibility as research analysts on this subject is to bring a deluge of evidence to the people.
In order for us to do this, we all need to work together as a team on this common goal".

The ISRT is proud to announce that that we now are in affiliation with the American Primate Conservancy of Oregon.

We are a no nonsense research team. We use scientific methods in our research before we release evidence.

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Who Is ISRT?
We welcome Sasquatch enthusiasts, skeptics, researchers, and witnesses.We are an independent research team dedicated to studying these creatures known as Sasquatch, Bigfoot or Skunk Ape, in their natu...

The ISRT works together on researching these creatures in a scientific fashion and employs scientific methods for evidence collecting when conducting field research.

With the many of YouTube videos, still photos & videos (unfocused), it makes the majority of people think all this is a bunch nonsense and a waste of time. It makes individuals think these creatures do not exist, but most of those people are not out in the field doing any research or even getting out in those areas and most people are afraid of the answers that may be found. To prove their existence we use proper research training techniques to conduct appropriate and complete investigations.
Most shows that you see on TV about people looking for Bigfoot/Sasquatch are focused on fame and fortune. Most of the time when you are in the field you get nothing at all. Although we would love to get some evidence on every trip out, it’s just not going to happen. 

You also have to deal with people in this field that are in this for the wrong reasons. You can tell this by how much effort they put into trying to be this way. If they are not in it for a common goal, they are in it for their own."The ISRT is not in this research to make a mockery of these creatures, the research work or the people that report their encounters". 
The ISRT provides field training to people that are new to the research work, while in the field. Field training is a major key in doing this research work and doing it correctly, which is most important.
While using scientific methods to collect evidence in our research work, we decipher evidence from many different angels to determine if what we have, could be from these creatures or something else. We must be unbiased in what we find. Not every finding is Sasquatch - Bigfoot related.

We also have people like Dr.Jeff Meldrum to scientifically examine track evidence for a professional experienced objective to determine if the evidence gathered is in fact real and from these creatures.

As for DNA analysis, we have three independent scientists willing to analyze hair and other genetic samples.

We will not post any evidence or locations of our findings on the Internet. Over the years that we have been in this research, we have seen where people post things that have not been researched properly and people assume that what they have is one of these creatures on video or pictures. We have seen hundreds of pictures that people have taken that are out of focus or they have to point out or circle areas on the pictures of where these things are. Our thoughts on this are simple. If you have to do this to any pictures or videos, you just don’t have the definitive evidence that is needed to determine one way or another.

Remember, if you want to really prove the existence of these creatures, you have to be diligent research for hard evidence. That requires that you be very good with whatever equipment you are using. Our method is, when opportunity presents itself, to get good video of the creatures and GET CLOSER TO THEM! Most people will not do this. Pictures are great for tracks and other evidence but undeniable video is key.
As Roger Patterson did back in 1967, he knew that he had to get closer to the creature. In fact, this means that he knew what the camera he had at the time could and could not do and in watching the film, you can see that he does get closer to the creature.

The Ideal Researcher
What we are looking for are people in the academic world of science like anthropology or other fields of science. We want reputable people to look at evidence that we collect from the field.

We're also looking for people that want to seriously be on this team and work exclusively with the ISRT as an independent researcher . But we will share our findings with the scientific community when evidence is found and needs to be examined.
We are looking for anyone that may have some private property that we can investigate that maybe having encounters of these creatures or that you think maybe having some Sasquatch activity. If you have areas like this or you know of someone that does and you are in contact with them, please e-mail

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