ISRT - Independent Sasquatch Research Team
Field Researchers

Our active field Researchers/Investigators are trained in the investigation of Sasquatch sighting reports. When reporting your sightings, it is mandatory that we keep your private information strictly confidential. To contact someone directly please call 863-398-2662. If no answer, please leave a message
Active Field Researchers/Investigators

Core research Investigators

David S - Lakeland, FL - Certified Visual Tracker/Evidence Collection
John B - St Cloud, FL - Certified Visual Tracker

Charles S - Inverness, FL - Certified Visual Tracker/Evidence Collection
Willie & Doris D- Central FL - Certified Visual Tracker/Evidence Collection

Timothy A. W - Brooksville FL, Forensic Scientist

Danielle A - Davenport, FL  amature paleontologist & Fossil collector/Evidence Collection

Pat R - Longwood, FL

Trent C - Hagerstown, MD

Bill & Bettina H - Miami, FL
Bill H - MSCB, MSCM, PhD, CEN.
Bettina H - MSN, CEN
Evidence Collection

Steve F - Holly Hill, FL

Research Enthusiasts 

Charles V - Tampa, FL
Christine D - Lake Wales, FL - Certified Visual Tracker
Paul B - Inverness, FL - Certified Visual Tracker

Melissa C - Lakeland, FL

Jakob R - Atlanta, MI

David L Jr. - Lakeland,FL

Philip B - Inglis, FL

Dean A - Pelham, Ga

Anthony S -Rockingham, NC
William H - Paris, Tn
JC B - Paris, Tn

Phil D - Waynesboro, Tn

In Memory of Carolann Solomon - Luts, FL

07/05/68 - 12/06/15 
(RIP Carolann we love you) 

Sasquatch Researchers & Science Experts

Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State University

Timothy A. W - Forensic Scientist
Tim is our very own forensic scientist
Law enforcement for 42 years, serving as a certified deputy sheriff since 1974 and served as Director of Forensic Sciences since 1992

Squatch Blast
Squatch Blast
Squatch Blast
Tracking Class Nov. 12th-14th 2010
More pictures at link below:
Miscellaneous Pictures
Alex Evans
Alex Evans is a gifted Artist. Her Facebook page is "Alex Evans"
Here, she explains how she gathers eye witnesses information to draw the images.

"After an eyewitness contacts me, we begin by just talking and having them get comfortable.  I ask them to describe what they saw. (All information is held in confidence unless they tell me otherwise)  I listen to their story and then go over it again, asking questions, this time to clarify details.  This part may be done by phone or, if preferred, by email, I've done both with success.   After this initial meeting, I will send some pictures, based on the information they have given me.   After that I begin the first draft and send it to the eyewitness for their comments.   We go back and forth like this, refining as we go.    Sometimes I get it right away; sometimes it takes a bit of tweaking before it's what they saw.   I will always give my best to an eyewitness. I will always keep trying as long as the person wants to keep trying. I have mainly concentrated my drawing on faces, but I've also done whole bodies if there is enough information to make it worthwhile doing those. 
  To do these for people is a privilege and I take it very seriously, although I am easy to work with and patient in getting information.  I do these without charge: all I ask is that the person is willing to let me have the story (no names or locations will be revealed) in case at some time, I wish to include them as part of an eyewitness story book with my illustrations.  After we are finished with the drawing, they receive a copy of it, dated and signed by me".
Here are some examples of her work
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