ISRT - Independent Sasquatch Research Team
Join Our TeamJoining our team is on an invitation only basis now and you would need to be able to agree and follow the required criteria,
  which we can send to you by E-mail.
What we are looking for are individuals in the academic world of science like anthropology or other fields of science. We want reputable individuals like Jeff Meldrum and others that can review the scientific evidence that we collect from the field.
We're also looking for individuals outside the scientific academic world that want to seriously be on this team and can work exclusively with the ISRT. We'll work with other REPUTABLE groups, teams or individuals as long as they are working towards the common goal.
What we are NOT looking for, are individuals that:
 - want to make a name for themselves
 - seek fame and fortune off this research or creatures
 - want to hunt down and Kill these creatures
 - cannot get along with others and causes trouble
 - do not respect people, property, and the environment
If you would like to join the ISRT team contact 
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