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Suspected Sasquatch Sounds
Sierra Sounds
ISRT Field Research Sounds

          Courtesy of Chris Connor 

Courtesy of Allan Rodriguez and Willie D. 12:35am
Chattahoochee, Florida

Field Research & Investigation Videos

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Bestguarder Night Vision - 60 yards way
We welcome Sasquatch enthusiasts, skeptics, researchers, and witnesses.We are an independent research team dedicated to studying these creatures known as Sasquatch, Bigfoot or Skunk Ape, in their natu...
 Green Swamp
David S using Zoom H1 recorder to pickup Vocalations in area reported to run out campers a week before 10/26/13.

Green Swamp FL 10/2014

This is from the documentory Bigfoot by A&E

 Stuff They Dont Want You To Know - 013 - Why can't we catch a Sasquatch.mp4

 Bigfoot Footprints Cannot Be Hoaxed
A short clip form the documentary "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science".
 For more expert opinion on Bigfoot footprints check out what an experienced wildlife tracker has to say:

 Sasquatch Summit - Dr. Jeff Meldrum Believe It Tour ( was at Sasquatch Summit a Tribute to John Green in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia. Here is  Dr. Jeff Meldrum giving his presentation "On the Trac...

The Government Cover-Up of Bigfoot Documentary
Features Todd Standing and Dr. Jeff Meldrum

I think i saw a skunk ape - please help
Here is exactly what I seen, I'm not sure what it is but can someone please tell me? Is there a person who can do video analyses or something? I got scared and ran away, i wish i stayed to keep taking...

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