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Our Team

The ISRT was established back in 2000.  It was designed for research investigators that wanted to work with a team of independent research people that are honest, hard working and share a common goal in this field of study.

The ISRT has been known for an unparalleled commitment to this research investigation field. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into who we are today, one of the most respected research teams that care about these creatures, the environment and eyewitnesses that have encounters.



About the founder

The founder of the ISRT started his research in 1995 in remembrance of watching the Patterson/Gimlin film at the age of seven years old in the late seventy's on the show

In Search of.

He now has well over twenty years experience on the subject.  His knowledge of the subject grew as he studied the thousands of eyewitnesses encounters and became cognitive of patterns of these creatures and has found they all share commonalities across the country and our world.


After spending three years studying encounters and reading literature from many respected field researcher investigators.  He spent many years in the field putting that knowledge to work and acquiring the skills needed for definitive evidence collection, and continues to this day.   


The ISRT is originally based in central Florida and have researchers through out the US but not limited to these areas. They have trusted well experienced field research individuals that have many years of field investigation experience.

"Our common goal and responsibility as research analysts on this subject is to bring a deluge of scientific evidence to the people.  In order for us to do this, we all need to work together as a team on this common goal"..

We are a serious and practical research team, that uses proper research techniques and scientific methods to conduct appropriate and complete investigations for evidence collecting when conducting field research.  In order to prove their existence to science, we must follow their methods.  In order to prove their existence to ourselves, well, you just have to be in their presence.

The ISRT respects not only the people that have activity on their property, but also the environment which surrounds these creatures.  The ISRT abides by any state and federal laws that we are aware of on any property that we investigate.

We can be trusted with our activities on any property (business, public or private).

Our team respects nature and the environment. 

If you are having or had encounters of these creatures on your private property, we want to speak to you and investigate that location.  

You will not be ridicule or judged about your encounters.

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What we offer


The ISRT provides field training to new members that are new to the research work.  We do this while in the field or in a classroom type setting and is a major factor in doing this research and doing it correctly.  Training classes such as Visual Tracking, Forensic Collecting, Wilderness Survival,, Cryptid Evidence Awareness training, and much more!

Our team members are required to have these qualities, 

Integrity, loyalty, Dignity, Honesty, Respect, and Compassion. 

While using scientific methods to collect evidence in our research, we decipher evidence from many different angles to determine if this evidence, could be from these creatures or something common.  We must have an unbiased insight in what we find., "Not everything is Sasquatch related".  Our moto is "Rule out anything Human".

We do not charge anything for joining our team.  You can donate any money or equipment as a gift, to help in this research which would be much appreciated.

All evidence found by members of our team is their property and is in conjunction with the ISRT's agreement that you do everything in your power to get whatever evidence examined by specific scientists that are favorable and in good standing in this field of study.   


We inquire Scientists like Dr. Jeff Meldrum and others, to scientifically examine evidence for their professional experienced objective to determine if the evidence gathered is in fact real and from these creatures.


For DNA analysis, we have contacts to scientifically analyze hair and other genetic samples.


We will not post any evidence or locations of our findings on the Internet.  Over the years in this research, we have seen where people post things that have not been evaluated properly and people assume that the "evidence" they have is one of these creatures on video or in pictures.


We have seen hundreds of pictures that people have taken that are out of focus or they have to point out or circle areas on the pictures of where these things are.  Our thoughts on this are simple.   If you have to do this to any pictures or videos, you just don’t have the definitive evidence that is needed to determine one way or another.


Our method, when opportunity presents itself to get good video and definitive proof of these creatures, WE GET CLOSER TO THEM!  Most people will not do this.  Pictures are great for tracks and physical evidence but undeniable video is more conclusive.


As Roger Patterson did back in 1967, he knew that he had to get closer to the creature. In fact, this means that he knew what the camera he had at the time could and could not do and in watching the film, you can see that he does get closer to the creature.


Field Research Investigators 

* Core Research Investigators *


David Sidoti - Lakeland, FL 

Founder of the ISRT - Certified Visual Tracker * Survivalist, Safety, & Evidence specialist.


John B - St Cloud, FL - Certified Visual Tracker


Chuck S - Inverness, FL - Certified Visual Tracker/Evidence Collection


Willie & Doris D - Sanford FL - Certified Visual Tracker/Evidence Collection


Pat R - Longwood, FL


Trent C - Hagerstown, MD

Bill & Bettina H - Miami, FL

Dr. Bill H - MSCB, MSCM, PhD, CEN. Cryptozoologists 

Bettina H - MSN, CEN & Evidence Collection


Steve F - Holly Hill, FL


Greg R - Tampa, FL

Science Experts

Jeff Meldrum





Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State University

Dr. Mireya Mayor







Dr. Mayor Director of Exploration and Science Communications at Florida International University (FIU) 

American anthropologist and wildlife correspondent for the National Geographic.  She discovered a new species of lemur, considered the world’s smallest primate.  She has co-written several scientific papers on lemurs species. Referred as the "female Indiana Jones." Her work has provided her with extensive field experience studying primates, tarantulas, and other wild animals.

Joining Our Team

Joining our team:  You will need to agree and follow the required criteria, which we can send to you by E-mail.


We're seeking individuals, in the academic world of science that have expertise in Forensic Science, Anthropology, Paleontology, Archaeology, Historians etc..  We want reputable individuals that can review the scientific evidence that we collect from the field.


We're seeking individuals, outside the scientific academic world that want to seriously join and work with our team and can work exclusively with the ISRT. 


We're seeking individuals, that have woods-men/women experience, experienced Hunters and Trackers, survivalists etc.  We'll work with other REPUTABLE groups, teams or individuals as long as they are working towards the common goal.


What we are NOT looking for, are individuals that:


  •  want to make a name for themselves

  •  seek fame and fortune off this research or creatures 

  •  want to hunt down and Kill these creatures

  •  cannot get along with others and causes trouble

  •  do not respect people, property, and the environment


If you would like to know more about joining the ISRT please contact

The Ideal Research Investigator

What we are looking for are people in the academic world of science like anthropology, biologists that specialize in geneticist using E-DNA & other fields of science.  We need reputable people to look at evidence collected from the field.  We're interested in people that take this research seriously, take initiative for field work, and join ISRT exclusively.   We will share our findings with the scientific community when evidence is collected and needs to be examined. 

 We are interested in anyone that may have private property that we can conduct investigations that may have encounters of these creatures or that you think may have some Sasquatch activity.  If you have areas like this or you know of someone that does and you are in contact with them, please e-mail

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T-shirts & Hoodies 


Orders consist of 20 items, once we have a full order, we will contact you when it was placed.  

Best colors are Black & Gray

T-Shirts = $25.00 / Hoodies = $35.00


Contact us at:

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