Oct. 17, 2015 Green Swamp FL

Possible Infant print found

at approximately 11:30am in a location in what’s called the Green Swamp in Sumter Co. FL myself and another ISRT member found what we believe to be an infant Sasquatch foot print. See our "Sumter Sasquatch Infant print" report on our Reported Encounters page.

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April 01, 2017 Green Swamp FL 

Cypress saplings twisted together. 

This was found by one of our team members along with Robert Robertson one day after investigating an area where a hunter had his encounter a few years earlier in this location. In fact his hunting stand was right behind these cypress saplings on the pine tree.  These are two cypress saplings around three inches in demeanor and the from the tops of the trees, around three feet, were twisted or woven together. The hunter was asked if he made these saplings tree formations to mark his tree stand location, and he said, "No, hunters mark their areas with florescent tape." I tend to agree, most hunters would not waste time doing something so intricate, plus you don't want to make yourself known as a human while hunting. 

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Green Swamp FL 2016

Juvenal print and tree formation

One of our team members was able to take some pictures of a print that was found in a State Park here in Florida. Along with this print there were a few more prints but they were under water, so the clearest one is this one. Not far from these prints, a tree formation was found and you see that in the photo. 

Palm Beach county, Florida

Sasquatch observing field investigators while investigating area. Things thrown, footfalls heard. 

Thermal picks up a clear image of a Bigfoot observing us from between the trees.  Its' his right hand and arm around the tree on our left (his right) and was bent slightly at the waist.  This put his left hand down past his left knee near the bottom of his calf muscle.

Read full report here

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